Petslife Hand Feeding Formula Birds Food-1kg


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  • Balanced High-Nutrient Formula Helps Babies Grow Faster
  • Wean Earlier and Develop Stronger
  • Brighter Plumage

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ingredients: Ground corn, ground wheat, vegetable oil, corn gluten meal, ground oat groats, soybean meal, soy protein isolate, calcium carbonate, ground flax seeds, vitamins. Crude protein min 20 percent crude fat min 13 percent crude fibre max 5 percent moisture max 10 percent.

  • Helps promote stronger, healthier bird
  • Premium nutrition for all baby birds
  • Introduce your baby chick to the goodness of a good instant formula which promotes good health and growth development.
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids – These essential fats have a profound effect on every system of the body, including the reproductive system and they are crucial for healthy hormone functioning.
  • Vitamins: Vitamin B1 – Releases energy from carbohydrate in the diet, and important for the heart and nervous system. Vitamin B2 – Releases energy from carbohydrate in the diet, and maintains healthy skin and digestive tract. Niacin (Vit.B3) – releases energy from carbohydrate and helps to maintain healthy skin, digestive tract and nervous system.

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