♥ 100% Natural Product.

♥ Non-Toxic Wood for Bird.

♥ Made By Neem and Eucalyptus.

♥ Suitable for All Types Cage, Small Parakeets, Cockatiels, Conures, Finches, Budgie, Love Birds & Other Bird


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Product description:

Non-toxic wooden toys are very much essential for birds.
Toys made of eucalyptus and Neem are the best.
Toys refresh the mind of birds warding off monotony.
Attractive toys fulfill the chewing and biting tendency of birds and save them from
feather plucking depression and irritation. Caged birds or the birds in captivity
cannot survive long without toys. Toys give them essential exercise and make them Jolly.
Food supplement is good for physical health where as toys provide the mental health.
So Parrot Dipankar is here with the huge stock of toys made of wood.

 Non-Toxic Wooden Rolling Roller toy play a very important role in keeping them engaged or to make them feel lively even in the cage or in absence of owner. Generally owner can’t take care of birds whole day in such situation science says that there should be a simulator. Bird toys are nothing but the simulator. Young Birds continuously play with these toys and this playtime forms the learning period in their life. Birds learn textures, colors, and shapes.

Rolling Roller for birds. It’s 100% pure & natural for birds. Helps to improve bird mental and physical health.

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