Petex Conditioner- 500 gm


Key Ingredients:
• E.wax
• Bees wax
• Stearic acids
• Ginol 1618
• Fragrance
• DM water

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The Petex Conditioner for Dogs Hair has a soothing sensitive skin formula that helps to moisturize and revitalize dry skin and fur.
Petex Conditioner for dog hair also helps with overall manageability as it improves dry wet dry and we combing. The end result is a soothing rinse-out conditioner that not only soothes, but conditions and moisturizes your pet’s dry fur.
Gently massage a small amount of conditioner into damp pet’s coat and rinse with cool, clean water. Towel dry and comb through fur. Enjoy a stimulating grooming session. Stimulates hair growth & a smooth coat. Reduce hair fall. For flattery, silky & smooth coat. Making hair took healthy , soft & silky.

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