Rope Swing Triangle


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  • ❤【SIZE】S: 5.9×7.07inch / 15x18cm; M: 9.83x11inch / 25x28cm.
  • ❤【SOFT & DURABLE】Made of cotton material, the inside contains iron wire for the bird to stand on the triangle swing.
  • ❤【COLORFUL】Brightly colored rope perch toy for birds adds a vibrant beauty and creative flair to your pet bird’s cage and your home.
  • ❤【CHANGEABLE SHAPE】Bird rope toys can be change the shape into loop or any others, not only for perch but also for birds to climbing.
  • ❤【STAY HEALTHY】A good toy for your birds to keep in good state. You can hang it in the birdcage, birds can climb up and down to strong its muscle, chewing it to clear tooth.

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Product description-

Product Description Size: 30x30x30cm, 12x12x12 inches (inside triangle)

Constructed with all natural and non-toxic materials

Easy to install: Quick link attachment

⇒Ideal for all medium and large bird species including Cockatiels, Parakeets, Conjures, Lories, Budgies, Parrots, Cockatoos, and Macaws.

⇒Helps relieve Boredom, improves coordination, and balance skills.

Fun and colorful- Swinging perch is made of bright fun colored cotton rope. An excellent way to decorate your birdcage or play outside!

Package includes Large Triangle Bird Rope Swing x 1

Birds Rope Triangle Perch Adjustable Parrot Cage Stand Chewing Swing Toy Ropes for Small Medium Parrot Spiral Rope Cage

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