Zupreem FruitBlend Flavor(SMALL)-907gm


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  • Brand: zupreem
  • Color: multicolor
  • Package contents: fruitblend parrot conure medium to large

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By moving between old food, new food, and treat incentives, your bird converts to a new pellet-based feeding plan by creating a routine he recognises.

Most species

Any age

Likes treats

Easily accepts new food

Over the course of a week, your bird gradually transitions from his old food to a new pellet-based feeding plan.

.A Conure or larger

Over 3 years old

A foot feeder

A shy personality

Choose three types of pellets and let your bird select his new pellet-based feeding plan quickly and without weeks of transitioning foods.

Cockatiel or smaller

Under 3 years old

Ground feeding species

Finger tame


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