♥ DEVELOP BIRDS BALANCE— The hanging rope ladder bridge encourages birds to climb, play and hop from rung to rung. This will help develop their balance abilities and achieve optimal foot health.

♥ BRIGHT AND VIBRANT COLORS— The wooden steps are both natural and pet safe for chewing. The fancy design make the ladder much more attractive for your little feathered friends.

♥ MADE FROM NATURAL WOOD—The stairs of this bird ladder are made from 100% natural wood, which is a sustainable and eco-friendly material. Your birds will enjoy the feel of a natural perch.

♥ DURABLE AND FLEXIBLE— Each rung of the bird ladder are connected by a sturdy strong cotton string. This string is extremely strong, durable and flexible. It allows for easy hanging across the cage.

♥ SUITABLE FOR SMALL TO MEDIUM BIRDS— This 17 inch long hanging bird ladder is ideal for small to medium birds. Whether you own a parakeet, cockatoo, macaw, budgie or parrot, your bird will enjoy hours of fun and physical play.

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 Non-Toxic Wooden Chewing Ladder Bird toy play a very important role in keeping them engaged or to make them feel lively even in the cage or in absence of owner. Generally owner can’t take care of birds whole day in such situation science says that there should be a simulator. Bird toys are nothing but the simulator. Young Birds continuously play with these toys and this playtime forms the learning period in their life. Birds learn textures, colors, and shapes.

The perfect perch and climbing zone for your small to medium sized bird. Easily hang this wooden climbing ladder across the cage and make a short ‘bridge’ for your precious birds. The natural wood of the ladder is the best material for your birds to perch and climb on. It is a sustainable and environment-friendly material and will provide them with optimal foot health, as well as hours of physical and mental stimulation. This bird ladder will also fancy up the cage for your feathered friends. The wooden rungs are lots of fun and very attractive for your birds. The stairs of the bird ladder are connected by a sturdy strong thread. This thread is extremely strong, durable and flexible. Easily hang and install this ladder inside your bird’s cage for immediate fun and stimulation for your birds. The wooden bird ladder is the ideal accessory for small to medium sized birds.So, whether you own a parakeet, cockatoo, macaw, and budgie or parrot this ladder, it is the ultimate accessory for physical and mental development of your beautiful birds!

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